Imesa MCM Series Model MCM,RE,PF & FE

It can be installed against the wall saving space in the room.
It is equipped with a table to help introducing the linen and with a useful collecting table on the exit side

The motorized exit enable the rear exit of the linen to increase the ironer hourly production for a lean process.
It is equipped with a big table to help the linen introduction and of two collecting tables, one of each side.

MCM ironer with folding system allow:

– Choosing to work on one or two independent lines
– Configuring type of fold: single, double or no-folds.

Length of the linen is detected by fiber optics that automatically calculated their size and program adjustable air blades for folding correctly.
You can choose the exit side: frontal or rear side.
This ironer is equipped with an introducing table and two collecting ones.

The MCM ironer with automatic feeder allow one single operator to iron and fold linen of large dimensions.
The ironer is equipped with a collecting table to help largest linen dimensions to fall to the ground.
Once the linen is fixed using the feeder pliers, it is automatically introduced into the drying ironer to be collected at the exit perfectly ironed and folded. The user can choose at any time if the linen must exit on the front or rear side.

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