Imesa LM 100-125


Frontal, sides, drum and basin made of stainless steel AISI 304

Wide door opening to ease the linen loading and unloading

Double motorized door lock controlled by IMS Computer

Stop system patented by IMESA

Computer IMS with Touch screen display programmable directly by the users with an unlimited number of programs

• Light unloading: facilitated linen unload
• Easy access to all mechanic and electronic parts to facilitate maintenance activities
• GSM connection to manage remote assistance and diagnostic services


Predisposition for the connection S peristaltic pumps, programmed and controlled via IMS Computer

• Additional water inlet for softened water
• Water recycling system: the water of the last rinse is used in the starting cycle of the next program

Tilting system to ease linen load

Weighing system with load cells and automatic control of water levels and detergent consumption

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