IMESA drying ironer MCA model has 33 cm diameter and it is available with 150, 180 and 210 cm roller length.

Its compact dimensions and the possibility to be installed against a wall make this ironer the ideal solution for restaurants, pizzerias and small/medium hotels.

Big Collection Tables
Two big tables make easier to introduce and collect the linen preventing large lines from touching the ground.

The optional remote pedal helps the user introducing the linen. When pressed, the roller rotation change into reversing and the linen comes out.

On standard for ALL IMESA drying ironers, it electrically controls the ironing speed assuring the highest productivity following the ironing temperature and linen moisture.

Easier Service
All moving parts are safely protected and moveable panels are available to make the maintenance easier.

Nomex Belts
Introduction and ironing belts are in NOMEX special high temperature resistant fabric.

Air Filter Inlet
Efficient suction system. Filters applied to the air inlets make sure that linen fluff will not go into the laundry room and protect motor and fans from external objects that could damage them.

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