Imesa FI Series

IMESA flatwork ironer FI series is equipped with the most modern safety system
controls to make laundry job more simple, faster and safer.

  • The introduction table is adjustable to have a more comfortable position for the user;
  • The pedal board starts and stops ironing with a simple foot press;
  • The hand safe bar prevent to accidental slipping of a limb or stretching of a textile
    behind the roller;
  • The emergency stop button cuts immediately off the power in case of danger;

Torsion Bar
Thanks to the torsion bar, the chest pressure is uniform all along the roller length to assure flawless results and avoiding defects made by standard shock absorber systems.

Only IMESA can offer this additional safety system!  It is a device at knee level that instantly release the  chest when pressed.

Linear Working Operation
This system allows to modulate the pressure given by the chest on the roller and to maintain the same ironing pressure in the time, independently from the roller flattening :

  • Long-lasting ironing quality
  • Extended roller cover life

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