Imesa ES Series

ALL IMESA tumble dryers are equipped ON STANDARD with:

  • Stainless steel drum INOX AISI 304
  • Epoxide painted panels
  • Touch screen with unlimited programs
  • Residual humidity control
  • Wide filter easy to clean
  • Automatic cooling function
  • Energy control function

ES 10-14-18-23-34
ON STANDARD: high efficiency suction system and reversing drum only on
models ES 23- 34.


  • Reversing drum on models ES 10 – 14 – 18
  • Drum speed control (DSC)
  • Suction fan speed control (FSC)
  • Power level control (only on electric heated models)
  • GSM system

ES SS 10-14-18-23 ideal for Coin OP laundry
ON STANDARD: high efficiency suction system and reversing drum.


  • Mechanical coin box
  • Electronic coin box
  • Cashless payment system (electronic key). This system may be combined with  mechanical or electronic coin box
  • Central cash connection
  • Personalization of the display through advertisings
  • GSM system

ES M 55-75 for medium/high productivity laundries
ON STANDARD: inverter and motor reduction gear


  • Tilting versions T1 and T2
  • Pneumatic forward tilting to unload on a trolley or on a transporting belt (T1)
  • Pneumatic backward tilting to receive the loading by a conveyor (T2)
  • Remote control
  • GSM system
  • Fire protection system

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